Rocks, Paper, Scissors!®


Wonder why the site is looking a lot different? Well, we are currently undergoing a massive site refurbishment and I mean massive! Yes, these are exciting days, indeed! Rocks, Paper, Scissors!® fantabulous hand-made creations are currently only available through The Crystal Whisperer®, which as many of you know is Jen Adcock and also the Head Cook and Bottle Washer of this beautiful and crafty business.








So, in the meantime, do cut over to to get all the info on how to get a hold of all the gorgeous Rocks, Paper, Scissors!® Creations you could ever dream of! Don't forget also that you can cruise by my papercrafting blog anytime you like and see some of the papercrafty type things I've been up to.


Looking forward to seeing ya there!

-Jen x